An (awkward) Introduction.


Be more personal they said. Write a blog they said. 
Blogging: Something I swore I would never do. But, we all know how that goes. I've got mad respect for anyone fearless enough to share their life with the world, but I certainly wasn't one of those brave people. Still not sure I am.

You see, I started this site to tell the stories of other people, real people who have been through some tough stuff, and now boldly share their hardships, failures and triumphs, to inspire and encourage us all!  
But, after a few not-so-gentle nudges from some chief tribe members, six months of excuses, and 30,000 drafts later, here I am, blogging my little heart out. I'm daily learning new things and chasing random adventures (which often lands me in (very) peculiar situations). So, at the very least, I hope my stories offer you a bit of self-assuring amusement.

Some of these stories may be completely off-the-wall, some funny, some sad, but always real, because – such is life
My stories are reminders of what I've overcome, the people, places and things that help me along the way, and guides to wherever it is I'm going. Some are products of my personal refining process. They are the lessons learned, shenanigans had, ego checks, tears cried in tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, hammock sleepovers, near-death experiences (notice the plural form there), late-night cartwheel competitions, and road trips to nowhere.  

While some stories may touch your heart, tickle your funny bone, or simply help you deal, others may not - and that is absolutely alright. I understand we don’t all fight the same battles and I will never be an "expert" on anything. I am simply here to share the raw, real world around me in a (small) effort to bridge the gap of isolation in which we often find ourselves fallen.  

Hopefully, there is at least one word, one sentence, one story that will inspire you to appreciate, understand and embrace your own refining process and to trust God is doing just that – refining you into the pure and elegant being you are meant to be.

Be Bold.  Be Brave.  Be Honest.
Always, Candice


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