Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

A lot of folks have reached out since my Triathlon story and a recent Facebook feature on my journey to overcome my three biggest fears offering encouragement, congratulations, some seeking “how to’s,” and others expressing gratitude for my transparency.
As an FYI, I don’t avidly monitor this website or my social media traffic. I don’t want to chance losing touch with my “why” so I don’t focus too much on numbers and I’m never sure who or how many read my posts. That said, the most fulfilling moments have been the stories some of you have shared with me about your own fears and struggles. Sharing is not the easiest thing to do and I thank you for acknowledging my efforts, as I greatly appreciate yours.

Another not-so-easy thing to do is offer tough-love advice to, well, anyone. I’ve eaten my foot (way) too many times to know not to offer it unsolicited. Because, if you ask my sisters, I can be a little intense when it comes to helping those I love strive toward their goals and dreams. After a few too many “I don’t have a filter” convos, we’ve come to understand that my intensity does not come from a place of judgment, it’s comes from love.
I finally learned to dial my sh*t down (a little).

I give you that insightful little intro to prepare you for what I am about to write. Because, in addition to all the wonderful feedback and gratitude, I’ve encountered just enough of “you’re nuts,” “you’re obsessed,” even more excuses for his or her own missed gym times and being stood up on weight dates, that I just can’t help kindly clapping-back with a quote from my always-on-fire bombshell friend, Stacy, who has no problem telling it like it is.

“OBSESSED is a term the LAZY use
to describe the DEDICATED.”

Mic, Dropped.
YEH, you know what? I am dedicated.
I’m dedicated to becoming the best person I can be.
I’m dedicated to never stop growing or learning.
I’m dedicated to being healthy - mind, body and soul.
I’m dedicated to becoming the best friend, sister, daughter, cousin, niece, instructor, comfort-zone crusher and writer I can be.
And, I’m dedicated to helping others do the Exact Same Thing.
My DEDICATION is intense
, so look alive.
This might be a tad tough on the toes.
But, you know, it comes from LOVE.

First and foremost, I am not an expert on anything.
I’m still learning and growing every day.
This is not a “let-me-tell-you-how-to-do-something-because-I-know-best” thing. It’s a “here’s-what-I’ve-learned-so-far, take-it-or-leave-it,” kinda deal.
A few things I am (finally) getting a grasp on are my thoughts and if they match my words and if those match my actions.
I believe so wholeheartedly in the power of the mind that I operate my entire being with a ZERO EXCUSES policy.
In the (not-so-distant) past, I lived in a mindset stuck in anger, comparison, the belief that I’ll never be like so&so, I’ll never have an opportunity like [that], or I’ll never be [this] because of [insert any ridiculous reason you’d like]
Then, one day, I’d had enough.

It was as simple and as hard as that.
I decided to stop being such a titty baby and do something about the extra 30lbs weighing me down. I wasn’t happy in more ways than one and, at that moment in my life, shedding weight was the easiest of my (plethora of) problems to tackle. So, I started training.
If you’ve read my Cocky Rookie, Bow Down story or the But, the Devil Already Knew That post, ya get me.
If you haven’t, it’s a great place to start.

Here’s an example of what Just Do It looks like to me.
My DAD: (lifelong) smoker and drinker.
Professional drinker.
We’re talking ages 16 to 68. That’s a long damn time.
One day, he decided he was done. And That was That.
No patches. No gum. No therapy sessions. No relapses.

Truthfully, this single event is what inspired me to get my own sh*t together. I asked him once if it was hard to do, to quit, cold-turkey, since he’d tried so many times before and failed. He said, Nope. Not at all. What is it you kids say,Get Over Yourself?” Yeh, that’s pretty much what I did, he chuckled.
You see, once he decided it had to be done and no one could it for him - Game Over.

He’s just one example. I’ve got many friends, as I’m sure you do too, who’ve overcome serious addictions, bad habits, even the little annoying ones, all because they woke up one day and said enough’s enough.

To answer a few of your questions: “How do I do it?” “Where do I find the time?” “What the hell is wrong with you?” (that one makes me giggle. Um, do you really wanna know?), I can only say it’s because I’ve had enough of my own s**t. I only started achieving my goals and checking off boxes because I wanted to.
I’m inspired by my dad’s grit, sure.
I’m motivated by my peers and their accomplishments, of course.
I (still) want Carrie Underwood legs so bad I cry myself to sleep sometimes.
But – There was no amount of encouragement in the world that convinced me to make the change, reach for my goals, or take the next step until I wanted it bad enough!
And I didn’t get there until I got my PRIORITIES straight.

Here’s the quick go-to I used (and still use) to get my head out of you know where.
Every time I hear myself say: “I don’t have time to…”
I retract and say, It’s not a PRIORITY.”


You’ll be surprised what reveals itself as a “priority.” We talk about them, we hear about them all the time, but do we ever really sit in our thoughts and observe our words to see if our “priorities” align with our actions and behavior?

Recently, my friend started playing this little brain buster and (finally) put to rest the guilt she felt for not spending more time in the gym. She was putting a lot of pressure on herself to get a work-out in every day, but it didn’t always happen. You know WHY?
Because she has more kids than I have fingers!
Kidding… sorta.
Sure, if she really wanted to, she could get up at 4:00 a.m. and go run around the neighborhood. But, other than my neurotic ass, who wants to do that??
There’s no doubt, when she wants to get serious, she will. But right now, she works long hours and weekends, has a life, you know, like the rest of us, and her priority is being present when she’s with her kids.

The key is figuring out what’s important in the present moments and then re-evaluating when the seasons of life change. Life Lesson: Stop whining, wishing, comparing and making excuses if you aren’t going to do anything about it!

Your goal doesn’t have to be weight loss, it can be anything…
Starting a business, spending more time with your family, writing a book, having a baby, paying off debt, owning a house, not being a flake, stop smacking your food, whatever the goal is - it’s (absolutely) obtainable when you decide nothing and no one is going to stop you.
Only when you get sick of your own s**t excuses will you truly understand the meaning of dedication.

I’ll wrap this up with one of my all-time favorite quotes by one of my all-time favorite bad asses, Jen Sincero.
(Spoiler Alert: Her book, You Are A Bad Ass, is the gift of choice for all my loved ones this upcoming holiday season.) No joke, if you love someone, give them this book.

“If you’re serious about changing your life,
you’ll find a way.
If you’re not,
you’ll find an excuse.”

So, my friends, just how serious are you?

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